Why this wasn’t pressed on dark green/brown vinyl, I have no idea.

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Okay, I’ll get back to your questions next week (and feel free to add more to the list if you’d like!), but your pal Mike has an early morning doctor’s visit and thus is keeping it short so he can hit the sack a little earlier than normal.

So today I’ll just show off this copy of the original Harry Manfredini soundtrack to the first Swamp Thing movie from 1982, a sealed copy of which I’ve had in my collection for quite some time:

…Well, formerly sealed, as I recently purchased a new turntable to listen to a bunch of records I inherited from my grandparents, and have been going back and revisiting some old vinyl from my own collection as well. This particular record I bought online way back in the early days of eBay, if I recall correctly, and I never did get around to popping it open…so there it was, sitting in a box in the house, just waiting for the day I finally, carefully, slit open the shrinkwrap and exposed that platter to the light..and to the needle on my player.

Anyway, this turntable also has a built-in recording function, where you just slap in a flash drive and press the “record” b¨tton and whatever’s playing gets output as an MP3, so now I can have this muck-encrusted musical of a man emitting from my (apparently passé) MP3 device whenever I wish.

Now if I can just get the hit theme song from this cartoon as a single 45, I’ll be set:

And yes, that off-kilter pic of the album is the same one, more or less, that I put on the store’s Instagram. I post lots of neat pictures there, so you should totally follow me. If you don’t, it’ll hurt my feelings. (sniff).

5 Responses to “Why this wasn’t pressed on dark green/brown vinyl, I have no idea.”

  • Donald G says:

    Swamp Thing
    You make my moss green.
    You possessed John Constantine
    To bang Abby Arcane

    Swamp Thing, you’re really shroomy. . .

  • Daniel says:

    I guess this could be a question: How much of your affection for Swamp Thing is because you genuinely still like the character, and/or how much of it is because of legacy affection (“I’ve always been a fan, so I’m always going to be a fan”)?

    I’ve got a similar relationship to the Shazam/Captain Marvel character. He’s been my favorite character since I was a kid in the ’70s, but in recent years I’ve begun to realize that I no longer really care all that much for most of the stories the character has been in over the years (either the original Fawcett stories, the DC stories, the old movie serial, or the live-action TV series), to the point where I have very little interest in the upcoming movie. And yet, I’ve still got Shazam books on my shelf because…of loyalty to my eight-year-old self?

    Just curious. I’m probably not articulating myself very clearly.

  • Hooper Triplett says:

    I’m with you Daniel. Many of my favorites are no longer. My Batman is the Timm/Bruce version, my Titans are Perez/Wolfman, etc. They may not hold up to modern storytelling standards but those were my favorites.

    I’m happy to let go of my allegiances because that’s not my Superman or Spider-Man; they’re for someone else now. And Miles Morales, Kamala Khan, Squirrel Girl, and others can fill those voids for me. Legacies are a burden.

  • Mikester says:

    Daniel – a very good question, and I’ll add it to the Question Time queue.

  • will says:

    I can’t help but think they missed a trick with the theme – surely (and you can guess the tune) they could’ve gone for: “Pardon me boy, are you the chap who grew the tubers…”