Progressive Ruin presents…the End of Civilization.

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You’ve waited long enough, and here it is…the new End of Civilization, streaming your way over the app of your choice, except for those platforms we said there’d be apps for ut we couldn’t get them done on time! Oh well, maybe eventually! In the meantime, follow along win your copy of Diamond Previews, Sepctemer 2018 edition!

p. 93 – The Walking Dead Word Balloon Pin – We Are The Walking Dead:

To be followed by “If Daryl Dies, We Riot” and “Hey Aren’t These Just Zombies, Why Are We Calling Them Walkers” and “Think We’ll Get Renewed After Next Season?”
p. 93 – The Walking Dead Word Balloon Pin – F*ck You:

After that last election, pretty much anything’s fair game for politcal pins now.
p. 96 – William Gibson’s Alien 3 #1:

Okay, Marvel, you know what to do.
p. 98 – Dr. Horrible: Best Friends Forever:

Well, blogs are totally dead now, so the good bad doctor’s “Sing-Along Blog” is clearly over. So…Dr. Horrible’s Snap-Chat-along? Dr. Horrible’s Musical Tweets? Dr. Horrible’s INsta-Grammys?
p. 147 – Dick Tracy Dead or Alive #3:

Dick Tracy is spun round like a record, baby, by his greatest nemesis yet…Bon Jovi!
p. 160 – Magic The Gathering Chandra #1:

Retroactively considering this series of comics from the ’40s to be the adaptation of theRedmeption card game:

p. M21 – Marvel Movie Milestone Infinity War Thanos Resin Statue:

Why, I’m old enough to remember when Thanos would keep the top of his head demurely covered with his space-hat. Now here he is, just his noggin just hang out there for all to see. HAVE SOME CLASS, THANOS.
p. M38 – DC Cinematic Justice League Wonder Woman O-Fig Figure:

I’m all for Betty Boop as the new Wonder Woman.
p. M52 – Star Wars Dengar Collector’s Gallery Statue & p. M62 Star Wars Bounty Hunter Dengar ArtFX+ Statue:

That I’ve lived long enough to see Dengar-mania finally hit the pop culture zeitgeist. Two statues in the same catalog. Unbelievable. Next month: a statue of Dengar just face down on the ground, and a statue of his stretching upwards on his little tippy-toes.
p. M69 – Space Jam Bearbricks Marvin the Martian:

Just…okay, look, I collect comics, that’s pretty weird to some people, admittedly. And I suppose these are no stranger than Funko Pops. But…is there that demand for little plastic versions of characters with “bear” ears?
p. M78 – Pop Team Epic Jumbo Soft Vinyl Figures – Popuko:

Only interested if it actually comes with the little “censored” circles to attach to the hands.
p. M97 – Chia Pet Gizm-:

But…how can you water it? YOU KNOW THE RULES
p. N97 – Chia Pet Groot:

I am here for ‘Fro Groot. (Not to be confused with Frogurt.)
p. M97 – Chia Pet Donald Trump:

Hmm…well, as hairstyles for the Prez go…could be worse!
p. M105 – Five Nights at Freddy’s Monopoly Board Game:

Do not pass GO…actually, probably shouldn’t pass GO so long as you keed that security camera on.
p. M105 – Warhammer 40000 Monopoly Board Game:

“;You win first place in a beauty contest…pay $25 for every Snotling’ — wait, what”
p. M105 – Rugrats Monopoly Board Game:

Do not pass Sheldon Mayer. Do not give him $200.
Marvel Previews p. 2 – Uncanny X-Men #1:

At long last, a new Uncanny X-Men #1! Finally one single series that will address all of your X-Men needs, without having to go from series to series trying to follow the plot threads featuring your favorite characters! And best of all, it will never be cancelled or reboots or relaunched with a new first issue! Here’s to seeing issue #300 in 25 years!

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