“I remember you…!”

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So I’ve been hanging onto this “Zero Month” promo video tape for years:

…with the intention over the last decade or so of digitizing the content and uploading to the Yootletubers for all to enjoy.

We didn’t have a TV in the store back in 1994, but all of us traded the tape around and got a kick out of it, seeing interviews with DC Comics folks (like Mike Carlin, Johanna‘s husband KC, Denny O’Neil, the apparently-ageless Dan Jurgens, and many others), all hosted by Evil Hal Jordan. I remember searching YouTube before to see if anyone had uploaded it and not finding it, but I guess it’s been a while since I did so as someone did put it up a few years back. So, here it is, in all its amazing glory:

About 16 minutes after I posted the link to this on my Twitter, it popped up on Metafilter, so you may have already seen this, but I had to have this on my site. I love this ol’ VHS tape.

Now I just need to digitize this Hero Illustrated promo tape I’ve got sitting around….

4 Responses to ““I remember you…!””

  • Jerry Smith says:

    Did K.C. Carlson say one of the new heroes introduced was going to be “Enema?” I don’t remember him, but I bet he made for some interesting visuals. I’d love to know what Enema’s power set was. I think we could all possibly guess …

  • Mr Lawless says:

    I remember this!

  • Caleb says:

    Wow. I…kind of love the idea of Parallax in front of a bank of monitors, commenting on DC Universe developments, mostly through weird non sequiturs. I don’t think I’ve ever related to Hal Jordan as much as I have while watching this!

    My favorite part? “Primal Force will always be there”…for 15 issues, anyway…!

  • Pete says:

    Oh wow, that is… something!