Just your average Halloween post in April.

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SPOILER: Super Friends #28 only sort of features Swamp Thing (and those other characters) as they were in fact party-goers changed by magic into the beings they were dressed as. Anyway, that was one brave dude who thought dressing as the Demon, an actual creature begat from the sulfurous pits of Hell, at least in the DC Universe in which they both live, was a good idea. Okay, maybe it wasn’t exactly public knowledge that the Demon was really from hell, but honestly, anyone actually living in the nightmare world that surely any superhero-filled reality would be should know better.

house ad from DC Comics cover-dated January 1980 – so it was probably out the September previous…you know how it goes

3 Responses to “Just your average Halloween post in April.”

  • Rob Staeger says:

    I remember that ad — it totally sold me on that issue of Super Friends!

  • D says:

    Why was Cain always dressed like he was on a safari?

  • David says:

    “Why was Cain always dressed like he was on a safari?”
    “Because he was Abel to.”

    I remember that ad, too and buying that issue. It was during the time of the infamous DC Implosion so there wasn’t a lot of DC to pick from.