Yet another thing Wolverine has in common with the Three Mouseketeers…

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…is the fact that they coexist in worlds with comic books based on them. For example, here’s ol’ Canucklehead holding an X-Men comic in the most recent Logan trailer:

…and here are the Three Mouseketeers reading a letter from a fan of the Three Mouseketeers comic wondering how mice are able to read and write:

…which begs the question, if Little Petey is so convinced of collective illiteracy of mice, then why did he address the letter to them? Unless of course Little Petey, as a big fan of the Mouseketeers, reluctantly buys into the premise that they can read and write, and is asking, in his somewhat rude way, for an explanation of their decidedly non-mouse-ical abilities. (The answer, of course, is that the mice went to school.)

Now Marvel Comics has long established that a version of Marvel Comics exists in the Marvel Universe, publishing semi-fictionalized accounts of the superheroes in their world, so seeing Wolverine holding a somewhat sloppily-manufactured X-Men comic in that trailer has precedence. But the idea that someone at DC Comics discovered a tiny community of talking, literate mice and decided “let’s make a comic book based on this!” instead of “let’s sell them to scientists who will dissect them and find out what’s wrong with them” or, more likely, “OH MY LORD KILL THEM, KILL THE MONSTERS” — well, that’s a bit weird.

Then again, it may be that Sheldon Mayer was a kind, gentle soul who believed in simply providing wholesome entertainment for kids and used the Mouseketeers as inspiration for his art. Though that wouldn’t stop someone else from tracking them down and exploiting them in more cynical ways. I mean, they’re getting mail…clearly they’re not hard to find.

from Three Mouseketeers #3 (Sept/Oct 1970, reprinted from Three Mouseketeers #6, Jan/Feb 1957) by Sheldon Mayer

4 Responses to “Yet another thing Wolverine has in common with the Three Mouseketeers…”

  • Andrew Davison says:

    I bet that if the Mouseketeers were rebooted today that dissection and kill the monsters would be the first two story ‘arcs’ collected in volumes 1 and 2.

  • Turan, Emissary of the Fly World says:

    The first Hellboy movie also had a scene with a Hellboy comic book (which, amusingly, had a cover based on one of Jack Kirby’s late Thor covers).

  • Mojo IV says:

    Can we just take a moment to bask in the glow of how awesome it is that SAURON is on that comic’s cover? The world really doesn’t have enough vampiric radioactive hypnotic were-pterodactyls!


  • Traie says:

    I’m wondering why the X-Men comic looks so crappy, could they not have used a real one?