Now here’s a moody panel penciled by Steve Ditko and inked by Bernie Wrightson…

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…from Morlock 2001 and the Midnight Men #3 (July 1975):


Here are another couple of panels more clearly showing the mix of their styles:


Weird and neat…yet another reason why I enjoy that crazy 1970s Atlas/Seaboard line, as short-lived as it was.

6 Responses to “Now here’s a moody panel penciled by Steve Ditko and inked by Bernie Wrightson…”

  • philfromgermany says:

    Morlock 2001 is such a wonderful name for a comic.
    The Morlocks from the Time Machine are the stuff of legends, a name we would give to the hardcore alcoholics drinking right in front of the supermarket.
    The second panel is like an allegory on the internet. The good guys are afraid of the thought police and Ditko even put the remains of a hacked firewall in there.

  • Jim Kosmicki says:

    the best of the infamous “completely change the premise of the series final issues” from Atlas

  • John J says:

    Anybody know who owns the rights to these. They really need to be collected into a few nice paperbacks. But we’ll probably end up with one of those ridiculous “omnibi” at a killer price.

  • John says:

    These panels are so great!

  • Casie says:

    That first panel made me so happy!
    Hi Mike! :)

  • Robcat017 says:

    I now have to buy this…. someday maybe. Just to see it….