Remember when I used to post here every day? That was something.

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Turning out to be another Low Content Mode week at the ol’ site, due to other plans and Free Comic Book Day prep and so on. Sorry about that! One of those plans involved a family member buying me and the girlfriend tickets for Captain America: Civil War for a Thursday night viewing, so I’ll be rushing out of the shop and straight to that this evening. I’ve been hearing that it’s almost as good as Batman V Superman, but I guess I’ll see for myself soon enough.

I’ll probably get back to your questions starting next Monday, but in the meantime, remember to attend Free Comic Book Day this Saturday wherever you shop or bank, but try to come by my shop and meet ME ME ME and oh also Jaime “Love and Rockets” Hernandez, who’ll also be there, I guess. “Love and Rockets” is his actual middle name, by the way. I wouldn’t lie about that.

Also, I responded to the latest Question Time over at Trouble with Comics, re: my plans for convention season (do those plans involve excessive nudity? You’ll have to click that link to find out!). And pal Andrew is continuing his “Me and the Terrible ’90s” series, if you want to read good comics blogging, unlike what you’ve been finding on my site lately.

Anyway, happy Free Comic Book Day to everyone this weekend, and I’ll be back this Monday. Though I bet I’ll probably show up here before then plugging Free Comic Book Day again. Did I mention Free Comic Book Day? FREE COMIC BOOK DAY

5 Responses to “Remember when I used to post here every day? That was something.”

  • philip says:

    Wherever I choose to partake of FCBD, it will not be as cool as your shop. If I could live back on the Central Coast for one day, it would be this Saturday so I could soak up the comic book sweetness of the Sterling/Hernandez Super Team-Up. I do hope Mr. Hernandez will favor us all with a sketch of Mr. Hernandez (not one each, just one that you can post and we can all be jealous of).

  • philip says:

    And I typed ‘Hernandez’ twice but what I really want is a sketch of Mr. Sterling done in L&R style. Your public demands it. Your public of me.

  • ArghSims says:

    YES! I really wish I could go to the shop on Saturday. But Dad’s birthday is Monday, and he is in Central Texas, so I will be as well.

    Philip, I’d definitely buy that issue of SUPER-TEAM FAMILY! Swamp Mike meets Father of Locas!

  • Bear says:

    Best of luck with this year’s FCBD, Mike.

  • Remco says:

    Hey, I just want to peek in to say that after your recommendation I bought the 1987 run of The Shadow, and am enjoying the hell out of it!
    Thanks :-)