Containing no links to the Dr. Strange trailer, but I bet you can find it on YouTube.

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1. I’m still taking questions and/or topics for discussion re: this crazy comics business we’re all interested in, if you’d like to contribute any. I’ll probably start going through them this coming Monday.

2. The latest Question Time over at Trouble with Comics involves creators we once liked but not so much anymore, and my response is more about my changing attitudes and perceptions rather than a reflection on the creator in question. It’s not you, pal, it’s me.

3. Hey, pal Dave resurfaced at his currently-retired site to present a comic he wrote.

3 Responses to “Containing no links to the Dr. Strange trailer, but I bet you can find it on YouTube.”

  • Roy Thomas says:


    Tears are running down my rascally face. Just like they did in issue #10 of “Captain America Comics” (Jan 1942, page 4, panel 6) when Bucky was slapped by Cap.

    Why, why, WHY????

  • Thelonious_Nick says:

    Somehow I have the feeling you are not the real Roy Thomas.

  • MrJM says:


    I too grew up loving the information-dense Roy Thomas books. I wonder if we both enjoy them much less than we did then because their deep back stories have been swept away by reboot after reboot after reboot after (you get it).

    It’s the same thing that undermined my love for the Legion of Superheroes. When that extra data was part of a decades-long mythic story, it all had meaning and importance. Reboots turned it all into defunct trivia.

    It might not be the complete reason for your inability to rekindle your youthful love of Roy’s books, but it’s a durn good way to shift the blame from either of you!


    Love the blog, hope all is well, etc.

    — MrJM