Entering Low Content Mode.

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Taking the week off from the site, and I’ll be back next Monday. Thanks for understanding.

In the meantime, you can hear Gerry Conway answer my silly question on the latest episode of War Rocket Ajax, and the new Question of the Week featuring my response should be posted at Trouble with Comics any time now. (I’ll update this post when it does.)

And, of course, you’ll likely see me popping off on the Twitterers.

See you soon.

One Response to “Entering Low Content Mode.”

  • Steve says:

    Speaking of Gerry Conway, was just reading some of his ’70s comics and realized something I never noticed as a child. The people in his stories are almost always frustrated and angry, and snapping at each other. Nobody’s in a good mood, or can just let things go. Makes reading a bunch of his work an exhausting experience.