Those of you who had “belly-up by month 11,” you’re out of the pool.

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Perhaps you’ve seen me make brief mention of my comic book store Sterling Silver Comics on this site once or twice over the last several months. Well, today is the one year anniversary of having opened that shop to the public, and I wanted to thank all of you folks, whether you bought something from me or offered moral support, for your encouragement of this sort of behavior. Many folks who’ve known me for years have commented on just how much…happier I’ve seemed now that I’m piloting my own retail ship, and you know, I really do think I am much happier. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before, but it bears repeating. At least, I like hearing it.

I’ve already talked about a lot of this back when I hit the one year anniversary of leaving the previous job, about the ups and downs of the first year, about the stress of starting up and the travails of keeping everything going. But here I am, at the first year anniversary, and if I could make it through the first year, I can make it through the second. And the third. And the tenth. And the…hundredth? I expect to see you all there for “Mike’s Brain-in-a-Jar Comics” at that anniversary.

Seriously though, thank you, my Internet pals and my real life pals who read this site and remain my pals anyway, for all of your support and kind words for this particular endeavor. It means a lot to me. I’ve been working the retail end of this business for twenty-seven years, and yet, in my own shop, it feels new and fresh again. That’s a good feeling.

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In other news:

For Halloween, customer Mark popped by the shop in his great Batman costume:


He’s entered himself in the Halloween ComicFest costume contest, and if you could pop over to Facebook and vote for him, I’d really appreciate it! Alternatively, you could go to the main site and search “sterling silver comics,” and his entry will show right up. Thanks!

15 Responses to “Those of you who had “belly-up by month 11,” you’re out of the pool.”

  • Earl Allison says:

    Congrats on the anniversary! May Sterling Silver Comics have many, many more!

  • Michael Grabowski says:

    May you keep living the dream, Mike!

  • MrJM says:

    ex·cel·si·or /ikˈselsēər/ adj. (archaic) Loftier, yet higher; ever upward. From Latin excelsior, comparative of “excelsus” ‎(“high”).

    One day, I’ll finally make my way out west and visit your store. I’ll say, “Hi!” You’ll say, “Who?” I’ll try to give you a hug. You’ll try to dial 9·1·1 with one hand. I’ll ask, “How are you doing?” You’ll ask, “How did you get in here??” I’ll come back during business hours…

    It’ll be glorious!


  • Old Bull Lee says:

    Congrats! Been thinking about starting my own operation in the next few years, and you’re an inspiration. Glad to hear your stress and fear has paid off in happiness.

  • Cathy says:

    Way to go, Mike! We are all rooting for you and are really proud of you.

  • ExistentialMan says:

    Congratulations Mike! We never doubted you. Now, back to work on my cryo-tube so I can attend that “Mike’s-Brain-In-A-Jar-Comics” 100th Anniversary!

  • Employed Somehow Aaron says:

    Congrats Mike!!!!!! :D

  • Peter says:

    Congratulations! Live Long and Prosper

  • philip says:

    [ik-sel-see-er, ek-]

    fine wood shavings, used for stuffing, packing, etc.

    Well, whatever. Congratulations, Mr. Sterling. Progressive Ruin remains one of my favorite things about the internet. I look forward to one day visiting your new(ish?) shop.

  • Tom Cherry says:

    Congratulations to all Sterlings, comic book store or otherwise!

  • Walaka says:

    Congratulations, Mike! Thanks for adding quality to the real-world comicshopecosphere.

    There might be another California holiday trip in my future, and if I get within spitting distance, I’ll sure visit again!

    But there will be no spitting.

  • Rob S. says:

    Way to go, Mike — congrats!

  • CP Bananas says:


  • おめでとうございます! Omedetou gozaimasu! (Congrats)

  • stavner says: