But will either of these projects tell us which first issues will be hot hot HOT?

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So a long time ago, Alan David Doane asked me to contribute a regular column to his website Comic Book Galaxy. That monthly column, Behind the Counter, ran for a little over a year and a half, until CBG underwent…a retooling? A brief hiatus? I don’t recall now, but it was fun to do and I’m glad Alan gave me the opportunity to do it.

Alan continued blogging at Trouble with Comics, which he just recently relaunched with a whole new slate of contributors, including yours truly (and a few others who are participating but didn’t get their bios in on time, you guys ‘n’ gals).

Now, I warned Alan that between my own site and that store of mine, I’m probably not left with a lot of time or material to contribute there. However, one of the regular features is a roundup of responses to a weekly question, which sounded like fun to me, so that’s where you’ll likely see my input on that site. This week’s question is “Which single creator most influenced your perception of the artform?” and while I’m sure you all think I’m gonna answer “Ernie Bushmiller” or “Frank Miller” or “Alan Mooremiller” or “Charles Miller Schulz,” I think my response may surprise you.

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Speaking of this sort of thing, Tom Spurgeon just released the first bit of business from his Comics Report project, the monthly comics magazine you can support right here for a practically-free two bucks a month. It’s an interview with cartoonist Keiler Roberts, and this preview gives us a sneak peek at the layout and design of the magazine, which is very nicely done. The aforementioned Alan (David Doane, not Mooremiller) has a review of that very thing on the also aforementioned Trouble with Comics site.

Now it used to be, back in the olden days when I had this now nigh-mythical thing called “free time,” I would regularly scour the new comics ‘zines as they came in. Amazing Heroes, Comics Interview, Comics Journal, and so on…I would absorb these cover to cover, even reading the articles and interviews I wasn’t especially interested in. As these faded away, only to be supplanted by Wizard and Hero and other magazines that…were less to my taste, shall we say, I sort of fell out of the ‘zine reading thing, though I’d still pick up the occasional decades-old Comics Reader I was missing from my run, and maybe, like, one of Roy Thomas’s Two-Morrows mags if something caught my eye. And of course there were comics news sites on this Internet thing, and comics blogs, but feh, who wants to read a comics blog?

It looks as if Spurgeon’s The Comics Report may be a return to the more in-depth comics mag of yesteryear while maintaining the ease of online convenience we’re all accustomed to now. I can’t wait to see the final product. It’s only two bucks a month, like I said. That’s only half the cost of Age of Ultron Versus Marvel Zombies, and I’m sure The Comics Report will be at least twice as good.

5 Responses to “But will either of these projects tell us which first issues will be hot hot HOT?”

  • Thelonious_Nick says:

    ““Which single creator most influenced your perception of the artform?”…I think my response may surprise you.”

    I must admit Jim Balent is a bold choice, and one I never would have guessed!

  • Brian says:

    Mike, I loved your answer. Besides the fact that all the others sounded like “the answer that I’m giving because I want to sound smart and I need to say Alan Moore/Neil Gaiman/indy creator (when I really just want to say Rob Liefeld while making laser sounds!),” I knew that we could count on you to read comics with your heart…

  • King of the Moon says:

    Curt Freaking Swan

    forever and always the Superman that comes into my head when I think about the character.

    It wasn’t just his realism, his Superman CARED about the people around him. You could see it in the way he drew Superman’s hands when he rescued someone.

    Superman always caught someone gently.

  • Old Bull Lee says:

    Ditto Brian’s comment.

    I would have said Jim Aparo, and for pretty much the same reasons as Mike said Swan.

  • D Latta says:

    No-one who knows you would have been surprised by that answer. Well… that’s not exactly true. I would have said Carl Banks, first, then Curt Swan.