No, not the horse.

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1. That’s some typesetting.

2. The Pope story is so big, they featured it twice. Unless the Pope is going somewhere after he goes to Zimbabwe, since the destination is cut off in that second article.

3. Well, that’s an unfortunate date. …Even the most innocuous of usage sticks out like a sore thumb now.

4. Honestly, that typesetting. But I’m grateful to this newfangled Digital Versatile Disc technology allowing us to freeze on frames like these for such important projects as, say, looking for injokes or poking some gentle fun.


still from “Superman and Wonder Woman vs. the Sorceress of Time” (1988)

7 Responses to “No, not the horse.”

  • Brian says:

    Actually, the Pope DID leave for Botswana, Swaziland, Mozambique, and Lesotho, back and forth over the next few days – while also dealing with an unexpected hostage crisis and a forced landing in South Africa due to his plane being almost torn apart by storms. That papal visit to Southern Africa in 1988 (including “John Paul’s Very Strange Day” on September 14) was the sort of week that sounded like the first few pages of a Superman story before Kal-El gets involved!

  • In The Big Lebowski, the Dude is writing a check for a quart of milk on 9/11 1991.

  • After he’s done with Super-Horse, does Superman take out the rest of the Legion of Super-Pets?

  • Doh. As soon as I printed this, I saw your title.

  • Geez, look at that thumb nail!!! Who’s holding the newspaper, Lady Deathstrike?

  • Signal Watch says:

    How odd. I recently – like, a week ago – watched this cartoon for the first time in years and this newspaper also stuck out at me like a… sore thumb.

  • Brian says:

    “Pope leaves for Zimbabwe, then…KOREA!”