They didn’t even bother to mention the interactive menus on the packaging.

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So I finally received my copy of the Batman Vs. Robin animated movie from Diamond this week, and this is some sticker that’s on the box:

Don’t know if that means anything to anybody that hasn’t read the comics…is there any kind of larger media presence for Talon and/or the Court of Owls that I don’t know about, that would make this sticker of use in attracting your average consumer in a Best*Mart? “But Mom, this movie has Talon and the Court of Owls! We have to get it!” Or is it enough that perhaps the very presence of the sticker ballyhooing their presence will pique curiosity: “Huh…these characters are apparently important enough for the manufacturer to go through the extra expense of printing and applying these stickers to the packaging…surely I, as a Blu-ray/DVD consumer, can’t let all that effort go to waste.”

Okay, I’m pokin’ a little fun. But honestly, one would think the promise of “BATMAN VERSUS ROBIN” would be enough get get someone to pull the trigg…OOH, sorry, Bruce, poor choice of words.

The movie itself is fine…not one I’d put on the TV to entertain the four-year-old in your life, because it starts off with a sequence that’s pretty much pure nightmare fuel. But it certainly delivers on the title, and I like the fact that this new movie builds off the previous Bat-imation film that introduced the Damian Wayne character rather than just leaving that as a stand-alone. I know the last couple of Justice League cartoons are effectively in sequence as well, but those are sort of blandish and empty (particularly the recent Throne of Atlantis), while these Batman films have a little more weight to them. There is one significant bump in the road, a flashback sequence that introduces the Court of Owls concept via a bedtime story in the most awkward bit of storytelling you can possibly imagine, but otherwise everything flows well, and violently, enough. I appreciated the clarity of the fight scene choreography, and I hope what I just typed right there turns up as a pull quote in an ad someday.

Anyway, I liked it. I hope they do at least one more to wrap up the Damian storyline…or, even better, maybe they can tackle the whole Batman Incorporated thing. That would be pretty amazing in animation. Plus, they still need to introduce this vital character.

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  • Touch-and-go Bullethead says:

    I first read “Damian Wayne” as “Damon Wayons,” and then confused him with his brother Marlon, who was cast as Robin in the second Tim Burton Batman movie but had all his scenes cut, and then I found my curiosity piqued by the possibility that the new movie was using that version of Robin, and then…well, a second reading made the movie seem a lot less interesting.

    Regarding the sticker: Owlman (a folkloric figure, not the Crime Syndicate member) is very much a hot topic on YouTube right now. Perhaps Warner is trying to attract that market?

  • Adam says:

    Bat-Cow (Prime Earth)? More like Bat-Cow (Prime Beef)!


    Anyway, Talon and the Court of Owls sounds like they’re trying to advertise the soundtrack which features their favorite 80s glam cover band.

  • There are other Court of Owls merch out there (shirts, hats, costume masks) so maybe they’re the next big fad?