Venom is awfully defensive about his ability to talk.

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So in the same collection where I received those Shadow toys I was talking about the other day, I found one of these:

…and I was surprised to discover that this figure, originally issued in 1991, still has a working battery that allows it to “talk,” as per this video someone else made of their own still-talking Venom figure:

But even more amazing was what pal Dave did to my pic of said figure after I put it on the Twitters:

Oh, my pals and I do have fun on the Internet.

4 Responses to “Venom is awfully defensive about his ability to talk.”

  • Jack Feerick says:

    That anonymous voice-actor is… well, he’s not overly invested in his performance, is he? You’d think it wouldn’t be possible to deliver a line like “I want to eat your brain” in such an utterly perfunctory manner, but here we are.

  • I owned one of these back in the day. For some reason, maybe because it was on a metal shelf or because it would be triggered by static electricity, it would “talk” without me pressing its button. That was very unnerving until I figured out what was going on.

  • The Other Shop employee Aaron says:

    A very young Employee Aaron could be heard yelling across the playground all the sound clips from that action figure. Perhaps this is what led to eventual beat down he took from 3 other class mates.

  • Dan Wars says:

    A friend of mine had the talking Captain America toy from this line that had the venom voice chip. It was pretty unnerving hearing good old Steve Rogers say he wanted to eat your brains.