A note to people visiting my site using the Chrome browser.

§ March 11th, 2015 § Filed under help § 5 Comments

If my site seems to have undergone a sudden change of appearance and you’re not on some form of mobile device, you may be getting served the mobile version of my site regardless. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of my page, you should see a “switch to desktop version” link and that should bring things back to “normal.” Unless you prefer the mobile version, in which case who am I to judge?

There appears to be some conflict between the mobile plug-in on my site and the Chrome browser, so I’ll try to look into it when I have the time. Sorry for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.

5 Responses to “A note to people visiting my site using the Chrome browser.”

  • I’m in Chrome and it seems to be displaying correctly here. FWIW. (BTW, always enjoy your site.)

  • Mikester says:

    Thank you!

    It’s not a consistent error…it doesn’t show up in Chrome at home, but it did on the shop computer, so it’s Just One of Those Things, I guess!

  • Rich H. says:

    The funny thing is that I actually find the mobile version easier to read. :)

  • David Oakes says:

    Here it is, “Voodoo Secrets”.

    I assumed the Interwebs were going through the usual semi-monthly snit, and it was your turn. (And apparently, I am not completely wrong.)

  • rubber cat says:

    Oh, I didn’t realize it was the mobile version and just assumed you had redesigned or something. I missed seeing Sluggo & Swampo in the header, as well as the always-wonderful icons.