Man, I like that Nestor Redondo art.

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So here’s a thing I finally got for myself this week…issue #6 from May 1975 of DC Comics’s official company ‘zine The Amazing World of DC Comics:

…featuring this centerspread image of an unused Nestor Redondo cover for Swamp Thing #15 (March-April 1975):

Here is the final printed cover for that issue, with a slightly less demon-obscured shot of Swampy:

There are one or two other tidbits of Swamp Thing info throughout the mag, most notably in the interview with Joe Orlando, where he briefly discusses the transition on the series from creators Len Wein and Berni(e) Wrightson to other hands. (A possible replacement mentioned in the interview was Art Suydam of “Cholly and Flytrap” and Marvel Zombies fame. I don’t think I knew he was ever considered!)

Anyway, that’s one more piece of Swamp Thing stuff in the ol’ collection. Once I get everything, that officially means I won, right?

Speaking of Swamp Thing stuff, as I usually am, this Kenner Toys Twitter feed has been featuring some of the Swampy toys from that now-decades old cartoon…scroll down a bit to see what your pal Mike has sitting around his house.

5 Responses to “Man, I like that Nestor Redondo art.”

  • John says:

    Great post Mike. I found info regarding the ST Kenner line you may be interested in. The Kenner Legacy magazine featured the inside scoop on the ST camo variant

  • Allan Hoffman says:

    I have to say that Swamp Thing head looks a bit Anton Arcane-ish.

  • ScienceGiant says:

    Speaking of “Swamp Thing,” here’s the reveal video for FIRST Robotics Competition team 179 “The Children of the Swamp.” Our robot’s name? Swamp Thing!

  • Casey says:

    In my book, Mike, you already officially won.

    That Marsh Buggy was frickin’ rad. Virtually any action figure from any toyline could drive it (Swamp Thing, of course, is just the type of guy nice enough to loan his car to Robocop and Snake Eyes). Kids today don’t know what they’re missing.

  • Snark Shark says:

    even their REJECTED cover beats anything DC puts out nowadays!