Norm Breyfogle needs your help.

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Comics artist Norm Breyfogle has recently suffered a stroke, and is in need of financial assistance to cover medical costs. If you’re able to contribute a little something, here is where you’d do it. Even if you can’t contribute anything at this time, at least spreading the link around will go a long way toward helping this talented gentleman out. Thanks.

cover to Detective Comics #619 (August 1990) – art by Norm Breyfogle

2 Responses to “Norm Breyfogle needs your help.”

  • I S Swiatek says:

    Thank You very much for making more people aware of this fundraiser. I’m really glad I read Your blog.
    Lets hope everyone who read this post will donate few quid and share it on their facebook, twitter or whatnot…

  • Old Bull Lee says:

    Indeed. I would like to see more efforts like this on the big comics news sites.