Man, what was up with that beard.

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So basically any free time I have that isn’t earmarked for working in the new shop is devoted mostly to pricing up comics for my back issue bins, which is still going strong. As I noted last time, there are some hard decisions being made regarding what goes in the “keep” pile and in the “sell” pile. By and large, I’m being a good Small Business Owner and putting most things in the “sell” pile, including Vertigo titles I love like Invisibles and Sandman and Preacher because those will probably always be in print (or at least in print long enough for me to eventually reorder them for myself).

And then there’s the occasional moment of “why do I have this one issue of Lucifer?” until I realize “oh, it’s kind of a Swamp Thing tie-in.” (Issue #49, if you’re wondering.)

There’s still lot to do, such as getting my logo prepped (already have seen the nearly-finished version by an artist pal, and it looks great…more details to come!), plus an out-of-town trip or two to pick up some sellable goodies for the shop, such as the one I’ll be making to Los Angeles in just a few hours, as I write this. I’ll keep this short, then, and I’ll make further updates soon. Thanks, pals, and in the meantime, check this out.

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