Seriously, that is one terrible Magneto.

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  • Pal Andrew has a few words to say about Marvel’s New Universe, and one title in particular.
  • Bully, the Sharp-Dressed Stuffed Bull, is celebrating Paper Doll Month! I mean, you all cut your paper dolls out of your comics and dressed them up, right? …No? What are you, chicken?
  • Pal Dave looks back at merchandise for the original Alien movie, including that awesome and enormous figure of the Alien itself.
  • Jason Sandberg, of Jupiter fame (and you guys know I like the Jupiter) has some Jack Kirby-inspired paintings up on his site that you should look at, because they’re awesome. And click through to check out more of Jason’s work, too.
  • And then there was the time Eddie found the worst Magneto doll of all time (scroll to end of post). The Elektra one he also found ain’t great, but it’s a photorealistic representation of Jennifer Garner compared to that Magneto.

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