“Start? I’ve never stopped!”

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from Charlie Brown’s ‘Cyclopedia Vol. 15 (1981)

Hi pals…I realize posting and content on this here website thingie has been a little more slight than usual lately. I’ll be back up to speed soon, but I need a bit of time to recharge the ol’ batteries. Thanks for understanding!

4 Responses to ““Start? I’ve never stopped!””

  • Moonrock1973 says:

    Hmm how do thought balloons translate into radio DJ’ing? Dead air, or do we hear dog noises like on the Peanuts cartoons?

  • Snark Shark says:

    ^yeah! is he going “Woof woof woof?” to everybody?

    Listener: “They’re taking this Wolfman Jack worship TOO FAR!”

  • Jack says:

    We are talking about a world where, in the cartoons, adults sounded like various muted brass instruments. Who knows how he sounded!

    Recharging is good for us all. Sometimes I need to more often than I actually do. Charge away!

  • Tom Cherry says:

    Snoopy is just killing time at WKRP until the Flashbeagle era begins.