“And you people…you’re all…astronauts on…some kind of ‘star trek.'”

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from Peter Pan Book & Record Set #PR-45 (1979)

5 Responses to ““And you people…you’re all…astronauts on…some kind of ‘star trek.'””

  • Sean Harris says:

    Why is everything in quotations?

  • Kid Kyoto says:

    I love how Spock is looking RIGHT AT Kirk when he says ‘there’s no intelligent life in the area’.

  • In this comic, the part of James Kirk will be played by Dave Foley’s Sarcastic Guy.

  • IT says:

    My brain is wired to interpret random words in quotation marks as sarcasm. Possibly with added eye-roll for inflection.

  • Randal says:

    I often describe things by using archaic and unused languages and then explaining it.
    I am just eating this xocolatl bar, using the Tenochca (which is what the Aztecs called themselves) word for chocolate.