In which I link to some pals, but somehow make it all about me instead.

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  • Bully, The Stuffed Bull That Is Slightly More Little Than Other Stuffed Bulls, wishes me a Happy Blogoversary in the way only he can…with a search for Swamp Thing.
  • NOT COMICS, BUT INTERESTING: pal Dave lists his Top Board Games of All Time, parts one and two. …It’s very strange, that I like reading about board and war and strategy games more than I like actually playing them. I don’t know how many books I’ve read about game histories and reviews and such over the years, when the last board game I played was probably a half-assed attempt at some Monopoly-ing at a friend’s house about twenty years ago.
  • Oh, hey, it’s Christmastime, so that means pal Andrew is up to his Nobody Else’s Favorites tricks again, starting with Snowbird, and moves on to very eloquently explaining the odd appeal of John Byrne’s run on West Coast Avengers. It may have been peculiar, and, as Andrew says, incomplete, but images from that run still stick in my head decades after I’ve read it.
  • Sometimes I poke in on my brother-from-a-Canadian-mother Steven’s website to see if he’s up to anything. Not a whole lot at the moment, but the header for his website makes me smile.

One Response to “In which I link to some pals, but somehow make it all about me instead.”

  • Adam says:

    Board games have come a long way since Monopoly.

    You should give Sentinels of the Multiverse a try. Or Legendary, since it’s got the Marvel license, and people seem to like it a lot even if I don’t.