“The magnet of self-revelation draws him on from facet to facet!”

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Over the years I’d seen plenty of the late ’70s Dynabrite comics, but mostly just the Disney ones. What’s nice about these Dynabrite comics is that they’re reprints of selected stories on nice white paper, with good printing, under thick covers. They’re sort of proto-trade paperbacks collections, staple-bound and inexpensive.

I’ve never seen the 1978 Star Trek Dynabrite reprints, collecting stories from the Gold Key series. At least, not until they showed up in a collection the other day:

Captain Kirk says “shop around, maybe you’ll find this comic for less than cover price!”

Actually, $0.69 wasn’t too bad for what you got. Comics were about 35 to 40 cents or thereabouts for the typical 32-page format (with about 20 or so pages of comics, more or less). The Dynabrite format was 48 pages, no ads, and white pages:

And if you were really lucky, you got a shot of Montgomery Scott with devil horns and breathing fire:

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