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  • Pal Andrew has a new Nobody’s Favorites…and it’s a comic based on a game I used to sell a lot of, way back when.
  • True Opera Crime, featuring…the Bullfrog!
  • Bully, the little bull full of stuffing, knows how to appeal directly to my interests, by giving me COMIC BOOK WINONA RYDER!
  • Can’t say I remember this particular Sherlock Holmes mystery.

  • Finally created a category for those posts I did oh so long ago about those anniversary (or, as has been pointed out, “anniversary”) issues. I should about write more of these.

  • And in honor of this weekend’s 50th anniversary (“anniversary” used correctly, here!) celebration of Doctor Who, here’s our pal Bob giving us three reasons why Doctor Who is the best show ever, and then another 101 reasons!

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