“My tubes are flashing wildly…!”

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So it turns out I was wrong, so very wrong, when I suggested that the story on the cover of Amazing Adventures #4 (the Ziff-Davis one from 1951, not one of the three that Marvel Comics did) could no way be matched by whatever story was within:

No, the story is just as crazypants as the cover promises:

Two aliens decide to use love robots to conquer the Earth, but their plans go awry when…well, you can probably guess. You can read it for yourself here, starting on page 3. Special thanks to reader Paul, who has kindly declined my offer of quatloos (as my mouth was writing space-checks that my United Federation of Planets Bank couldn’t cash), but I will happily direct you to his website, to the Inferior 4 Livejournal where he regularly contributes items of interest, or to Amazonwhere you can track down many of his fine works, in print or digital formats.

In other news…man, after that story, do you really want other news? How ’bout this, since Employee Timmy sent this link to me via the Twitter: Dynamite and Dark Horse teaming up for a three-part crossover between Grendel and the Shadow, written and drawn by Matt Wagner. Holy crow. I find this…acceptable. Very acceptable indeed.

5 Responses to ““My tubes are flashing wildly…!””

  • Paul Di Filippo says:

    You rock intensely, sir! Always a pleasure to hang out at PR.

    Hey, why don’t you open a store in my burg of Providence, RI? That’s a feasible business plan, isn’t it?

  • Snark Shark says:

    Love Robots- coming soon from Japan!

  • Brimstone says:

    I can’t believe one of my favorite sci-fi authors posts on one of my favorite comic blogs!

  • Chance says:

    I think their problem began when they decided to use love robots to conquer the earth rather than the more typical war robots.

  • Dean says:

    The hurdling heiress was my favorite bit.