Jack Davis is fine, thank you very much!

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So a long time ago, shortly after I entered the high-flying life of comics retail, I decided to pick up a copy of this on New Comics Day:

A coworker asked what exactly made me decide to pick up this oddball indie comic, and I told her the truth: it was that awesome Jack Davis cover. I wasn’t certain I was going to enjoy the non-Jack Davis contents, but good gravy, what a cover. I couldn’t resist it.

It seems like Jack Davis drew for everything. We all know his Mad work, and his movie posters, and his awesome EC Comics stories, and his video game ads, and his Sesame Street drawings, and his TV Guide covers, and his album covers, and his ad containing the second greatest* sound effect in comics (“SLAMDUNK!”) of all time, and surely much, much more.

Anyway, a rumor spread late last night that he’d passed away, and it turns out, nope, Mr. Davis is still with us, and thank goodness for that. When the “news” started to spread, I put together this post, but realized that I hadn’t seen any official confirmation yet so I’d better hold off putting it on the site, and I was right to do so. However, there’s no reason to wait to enjoy the man’s work, so please, visit some of those links or pull out your Mads or your ECs and appreciate that one of the legendary giants of cartooning is still with us.

Thanks, Jack!

* The greatest sound effect in comics of all time.


image borrowed from the Grand Comics Database

6 Responses to “Jack Davis is fine, thank you very much!”

  • Sallyp says:

    Thank goodness! I love Jack Davis!

  • Casie says:

    Those Sesame Street drawings are so great! Jack Davis is great and I’m glad he’s fine! Nice job, Mike! :)

  • I echo the thankfulness. I’ve been busy enough that the initial incorrect news passed me by and I only saw the corrections. Didn’t need to lose yet another icon of my bygone youth this soon.

  • Pal Cully says:

    I’ve never seen that before. It’s beautiful.

  • Jack says:

    It feels like I owned far more comics with that basketball ad than I probably really did, because it sure feels like I saw that several hundred times. But it’s a pretty vividly drawn ad, so that may have played into it. As soon as I saw it I was nostalgia bombed. Seems like there was a lot more Jack Davis art in my life than I realized.

  • Snark Shark says:

    can Frankensteins monster even READ?

    “Seems like there was a lot more Jack Davis art in my life than I realized.”

    he was VERY prolific!