It’s like Free Comic Book Day in July…

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…just like that one year when Marvel didn’t have a movie opening in May, but it did in July, and God forbid we not have a Free Comic Book Day that wasn’t tied to a Marvel movie. Anyway, as I promised way back when, all those two months ago, here are some of the other photos taken by Semi-Occasional Employee Mark of this year’s FCBD event:

A shot of one and 1/3 tables loaded with comics, just prior to opening the doors to the waiting hordes:

A slightly blurry photo of the slightly blurry Employee Timmy and Employee Aaron and Employee Aaron’s moustache:

Kempo, wife of Employee Aaron, doing terrible things to comics with her mighty elbows:

And here I am, crashing Kempo’s photo op with my ridiculous head of hair:

Goku finally meets the one foe he can never defeat:

And here is Goku again, back in happier times prior to his terrible beating:

So there we go…a little scrapbook of additional Free Comic Book Day memories, to keep with us in our hearts until the abject horror of having to prep for FCBD 2014 seeps in.

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