The Sensational New Character Find of 1965!

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No, not this “Dr. Supernatural” chump:


Well, that certainly seems entirely practical.

On a different note, an important question is asked and answered on this issue’s letters page:

Mr. Editor, I believe Mr. Brando-El begs to differ:


images from Action Comics #330 (November 1965) – cover by Curt Swan & George Klein

4 Responses to “The Sensational New Character Find of 1965!”

  • ExistentialMan says:

    Three thoughts:

    Execution Buzzard IS a fantastic name.

    Even though EB looks like a plucked turkey that Dr. Supernatural glued rubber wings and a tail onto. I’m going my local pet store today to see if they sell ’em.

    I find the fact that, when he fully materializes, Dr. S’s lower legs and feet will occupy the same matter as the floor quite disturbing.

  • Adam says:

    This guy clearly liked Magneto’s dress sense.

  • kidnicky says:

    A rodent, Benjamin!!!

  • Snark Shark says:


    hey, yer either a scientist OR a magician, not BOTH, pal!