Free Comic Book Day…is TODAY!

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Go get your free comic books already. And send your best wishes to me, as I give a bazillion comics away at our shop.

I’ll let you know tomorrow or Monday how it went. In the meantime…enjoy some comic books!

4 Responses to “Free Comic Book Day…is TODAY!”

  • ExistentialMan says:

    Just arrived home after a 12-hour volunteer stint at my LCS greeting customers at the door, answering questions, picking up guest artists from the airport, handing out promo materials, getting lots of coffee and sandwiches for the staff, and, at one point around noon, having one of the most genuine, heartfelt conversations of my life with a brilliant man diagnosed with schizophrenia.

    FCBD is and can be many things but with a certain openness and perspective on life…it’s always pure magic.

  • Adam says:

    I actually talked about my FCBD in yesterday’s but it seems more appropriate here:
    After reading so much here about how FCBD works at your store, I was all excited to get out for my first FCBD only to discover that my local store(s, since it’s a chain) have a policy of 2 per customer, +1 for every ten bucks you spend. So. Forget that mess.

    I went to an off brand store where they had a take what you want bonanza right out front, so then I went inside and blew the money I’d budgeted myself for graphic novels to celebrate FCBD. Rewards for the generous and all that. Even better, these guys had a bunch of Marvel graphic novels that were crazily slashed, so for $100 I walked away with the X-Statix Omnibus and the Kirby Fantastic Four Omnibus and some Thor stuff. And thanks to this blog, Saga of the Swamp Thing vols 1-4 and both Nancy books.

    Happy FCBD to everyone!

  • Snark Shark says:

    “that my local store(s, since it’s a chain) have a policy of 2 per customer, +1 for every ten bucks you spend.”


  • Since I moved to the forest-primeval the only LCS near me shuttered their doors several years ago, so… no FCBD for me.

    I pre-order my comics from an online service (nice, but I DO miss the experience of going to an actual shoppe).

    Anyway, the service I use DID let me pre-order 5 FCBD comics, so… at least THAT’s something (but I won’t get them until NEXT month’s shipment).

    But, still I’m glad to hear the rest of you guys enjoyed yourselves.

    I only wish this was a thing back in the days when I worked at a comic shoppe.

    It sounds like a lot of fun (and a lot of work, but fun work).