The Adventure of the Lazy Links-Post Because Mike Has a Dentist’s Appointment Early Monday Morning.

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So apparently that jam pic of Linus, Snoopy, Broom-Hilda, and the Demon that I posted way back when is making the rounds again, only this time it’s a pic of the original art from this auction site, and not a scan from the San Diego Comic Con ’74 program like my image was. The auction was back in 2008…I wonder what it sold for? Also, I’m amused by the link on the auction page that reads “I Have One of These to Sell,” like there’s two jam drawings by Charles Schulz, Jack Kirby, and Russell Myers. (Yes, yes, I know it’s just part of the page’s standard template, let me have my fun.)

Also, I see on my original post my addendum link to my comments section (for more info about the pic) is dead dead dead, thanks to my original third-party commenting system giving up the ghost a while back. Oh, the reliability of sorta-free technologies. Thank goodness I still have Google Reader to follow all my favorite websites!

In other news:

  • So have you seen what pal Andrew has wrought? ULTIMATE POWERS JAM, in which Andrew uses an old Marvel Comics role playing book to randomly generate a super character, and hands it off to his accomplices who then whip up an illustration and description for said character. Some pretty amazing and entertaining results so far…go check ’em out!
  • NOT COMICS: pal Dave’s Electronic Games Sunday, where Dave pokes through this archive of the Electronic Games magazine (which I myself read starting with issue #1 way back in ye olden days) and picks out items of note for our amusement and, usually, horror. If you’re old like me ‘n’ Dave, you’ll find this nostalgic. If you’re one of those punk kids that’s never known anything other than an X-Station or a DS-Boy, you’ll just pity us.

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