Try to focus on the cool rapper guy, and not on the hideously misshapen old guy standing next to him.

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So here’s a pic of me ‘n’ Euge AKA Adam Warrock from just before his performance at the store last night:

And here he is in the midst of performing:

A fun time was had by all, Euge put on a great show, the neighbors didn’t complain, the police didn’t show up, and we’re looking forward to having him back again next time he’s in the area. And a special thanks to customer Rich for the loaner of his PA system for the show.

Actually, speaking of the police showing up…I actually had to go to the store yesterday morning at about 5:30 AM because of yet another alarm notification. That meant zipping off to the shop and wondering during the entire drive there if Euge was going to have to perform in front of a giant piece of wood that would be in place of the plate glass window that was busted open by burglars. Thankfully, if annoyingly, something just happened to fall over in the back room and trip a motion detector, so there wasn’t a break-in.

It was a crummy way to start off the day, if admittedly not as crummy as it could have been, but the day certainly ended in fine form, with a great Adam Warrock show. If he happens to be performing in your area, try to make time and check him out. Even if you think you don’t care for the rapping…I think Euge will win you over with his charm and good humor.

Again, a big thanks to Euge for dropping by, and be sure to visit his site for free music and videos.

9 Responses to “Try to focus on the cool rapper guy, and not on the hideously misshapen old guy standing next to him.”

  • Tim O'Neil says:

    . . . Patrick Duffy?

    (I can’t even remember if I’ve made that joke before.)

  • Matt Jeske says:

    Adam Warrock is great! I hope to see him live, one of these days.

  • ExistentialMan says:

    Holy Cats Mike! You look like you’re 22 in that picture.

    The…uh…misshapen parts must be below the waistline?

  • Mikester says:

    I’m the one on the right, ExistentialMan!

  • Sam says:

    Glenn Beck was in the store?

  • Rob March says:

    The show was very entertaining, even if it would have been nice to see another 10-15 people attending. Unfortunately, I’m not really a Marvel guy (not ignorant, just never was my funnybook focus), so some of his X-Men/FF/Iron Man focused raps were a bit over my head.

    What did I like? His Laika rap, the one about I Kill Giants (even without reading the graphic novel, it was pretty touching), and, of course, his ode to Ron Swanson. Mike can attest to the fact that I was laughing hysterically during that last one.

    So, good on Mike for having an in-store event. I’m hoping that he does more in the future!

  • Rob says:

    Hey, Mikester, will there be any Mikester remarks re: the Viking funeral of “Hellblazer” today?

  • Casie says:

    I can’t stop thinking about this show! It was so much FUN!!
    First, I couldn’t get over being in one of my favorite places after closing time. Felt like a kid seeing my classroom on open house night. That’s a magical feeling!
    Second, Adam Warrock was AWESOME! Great performer and super personable. The ‘I Kill Giants’ made me tear up and the Ron Swanson song was fantastic! Enjoyed every rapped word. I felt very lucky to be a part of this evening and I won’t forget it.

    Thank you Mike for making this whole event happen!! :)

  • Bear says:

    I don’t wanna weird you out, but you’re a good-looking man, Mike. You should give yourself more credit.