Okay, let’s wrap this sucker up: PART FOUR.

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Responding to last year’s predictions. Asking for 2013 predictions. LET’S CONTINUE:

MrJM predicts

“In 2012, I will once again spend more money on hard liquor than on comic books.”

Oddly enough, once we opened the speakeasy in the back of the shop, so did we!

• • •

CW stated

“I predict Nickelodeon will debut an animated series based on the ‘Crossed’ comic books from Avatar Press.”

I can’t help but suspect that prediction was less than sincere. But I bet if someone ever does do a Crossed media adaptation, one of the comic’s fans will complain about how the movie/TV show/whatever isn’t nearly violent/gross enough.

• • •

Bear bared

“1. Bendis’ departure from the Avengers titles will result in a relaunch featuring the ‘classic’ line-up. This team will add new members swiftly, become a bloated mess, spawn many tie-ins and generally be met with a feeling of ‘Wow, never thought I’d miss Bendis.’ The titles will be relaunched again.”

Well, there certainly are a lot of Avengers titles. With a movie that made a billion and a half dollars, Marvel’s sure is gonna hitch a whole lot of four-color wagons to that star. In the meantime, it seems to be more or less continuing from where everything left off, just with the old issue numbers filed off and “#1” stenciled in. I haven’t read them, but it’s Hickman on scripts and he ain’t bad from what I’ve read on other comics, so who knows. The main Avengers title is still the “here are the characters you’ve loved in movies, including Spider-Man and Wolverine” one, it looks like. It’s not quite a bloated mess yes, but give it time.

“2. The New 52 will continue. New titles will be added, old titles will be cancelled, and blogs will still be filled with commenters swearing the whole thing was a mistake and the old universe will return any day now.”

All true. Hell, in this comments section alone people are predicting the Old DCU’s return.

• • •

Bret jumps in with

“All political disputes will be decided by THUNDERDOME.”

This is the world I want to live in. Why the last election wasn’t Obama and Romney in heated battle with Tina Turner presiding, I have no idea.

“Comics will continue to shrink in market share and rise in price. Night of the Owls will not be very good.”

It looks like the comics market is more or less holding steady. Prices are very slowly creeping upwards, though. “Night of the Owls,” from all accounts, is highly regarded, but I haven’t had time to read it and judge myself, so maybe you’re right there, too!

“Avengers and the Dark Night Rises will unexpectedly cross over in the middle. No-one will know why.”

BANE: “You thing this gives you power over me?”

THOR: “No…I think this does!” (hits Bane with Mjolnir)

• • •

DavidG reveals

“Someone will do a massive crossover event in which the hook is the world is going to end in December 2012. The world will not actually end. The event will be lame, and all the new characters and reboots that come out of it will suck.”

I am really, honestly surprised this did not happen. I know December 2012 stuff was a plot point here and there in older comics, but I didn’t see anything dealing with it in, you know, real time.

• • •

Cole had a funny comment that I’m just going to link to here.

• • •

My old friend-in-real-life Batfatty contributes

“DC will stage a multi-universe, apocalyptic story all to retcon the editorial disaster of doing away with Batman’s outer underwear.”

Man, all I am picturing now is “CRISIS OF INFINITE UNDERPANTS” and Superman is wearing Batman’s black shorts and Batman is in Supes’ red shorts and it’s all very embarrassing.

• • •

Mike Zeidler reminds me

“Mike Sterling will finally get around to reviewing the ultra-special edition super-long director’s omnibus cut of the Watchmen movie.”

Er…no, not in 2012 I’m very sorry

• • •

Dwayne the canoe guy rows by with

“In All-Star Western we will see a story where Jonah Hex sires a bastard child for Harvey Dent’s ancestor, a storyline that was declined for Jonah Hex V2.”

I don’t think that happened, after some brief Googling (since I don’t follow the title), but maybe someone who knows can fill me in.

“Sluggo will be challenged to a deathmatch by Tubby. During the battle they will be struck by lightning as they fall into the lake and will emerge as the moss encrusted mockery of merged small boys known as Swamp Slubby. Little Lulu and Nancy will join forces and enlist the aid of Gyro Gearloose to help stop Swamp Slubby from killing Unca Scrooge, for whatever knows greed burns at Swamp Slubby’s TOUCH!”

This all absolutely happened, in House of Dell Comics #92.

“Also, the lost 192 minutes of the Jonah Hex film will be found and the movie will be recut and released by the Cohen Bros. The film will be a commercial and critical success and Megan Fox will appear for only ten seconds where she opens the door and Hex shoots her dead while saying ‘Yuh trade easy, woman.’ Crowds will cheer.”

Oh sweet jumping Judas on a pogo stick, 192 minutes is, like, what, eight, ten times the length of the actual film? Would it have killed them to shoot another, say, half-hour with Hex in a post-apocalyptic future? Were they afraid that would make it a bad movie?

• • •

Longtime customer of mine Rob foresees

“Doom & gloom variety: I predict that yet another title I really enjoy will be cancelled. Because that’s how I affect the comics industry. In the worst case version, it would be Sweet Tooth, which is one of my favorite books.”

Well, hate to tell you this, but, um, yeah.

“Hope & change variety: My one man crusade to get people to read more odd comics (usually from Fantagraphics) continues to pick up steam, helping Mike sell maybe 4 or 5 more volumes over the course of the year. Fine, in truth, they’ll probably all be bought by me.”

Oh, I’ll get your money.

• • •

Dave daves

“1) Image comics will rise in prominence and market share, led by Millar and Quitely’s Jupiter’s Children (the first issue of which will be in the Diamond Top 20) and supported by a number of high-quality under-the-radar comics that will finally start to catch on. Oh, and Walking Dead collections, which will continue to sell in huge numbers.”

Alas, that comic didn’t come out last year. Maybe this year! And while Image has certainly cranked out a lot of stuff, not a whole lot of it has really caught on. But Walking Dead certainly still is selling like gangbusters. (Though, come to think of it, how did Gang Busters sell?)

“2) DC will lower the standard price on their digital comics backlist (older than 1-year) to 99¢. Other publishers will follow, except (stubbornly) Marvel. Day-and-date digital comics will continue to be priced at cover price.”

I know one digital company regularly offers 99-cent sales on backlist comics, but that’s not a consistent thing. Day-and-dates, still at cover, I believe.

“My pie-in-the-sky prediction: Fantagraphics announces a Matt Howarth’s Complete Bugtown project, with chronological collections of Howarth’s Bugtown stuff in several huge (300-400 page) volumes.”

Not yet!

• • •

That Augie guy tries to muscle into my own website (hey, you got your own column!) with

“Oh, what the hell? This might be fun:”

It started out as fun, but I will never be free of these prediction posts. NEVER.

“Marvel or DC will go direct-digital with a comic that was unprofitable in print and had to be canceled, just to burn off the completed inventory and justify a collected edition. They’ll mess it all up completely, though, by charging digital buyers the full $2.99 or $3.99 cover price. It won’t sell, but the collected edition will still see print.”

…Not that I know about, but I expect this is an option the publishers are keeping in mind.

“The ‘Hawk and Dove’ TPB will include the 7th and 8th issues. (It’s due out in August, so there’s plenty of time to change its contents yet.)”

A HIT! It does indeed contain those two issues.

“A lower-priced iPad will be seen as a great boon to digital comics and sales will rise, though not exponentially. We’ll never know, though, since the publishers don’t divulge that information.”

Maybe not iPads, but there are quite a few lower-priced tablets competing with them…perhaps they are driving more comic sales, but like you say, who knows?

“Diamond won’t go bankrupt, though at least two major Steve Geppi-related Financial Difficulty stories this year will start raising that question again.”

Diamond’s still around…I haven’t heard any rumors along these lines recently, but maybe I just haven’t had my ear to the ground enough.

“Diamond Digital will flop and be canceled as a cost-cutting move, though Diamond will deny that reason.”

Diamond Digital is still hanging in there!

“DC and Marvel will cut costs by signing fewer exclusives and letting many of them lapse. A new rush of ‘mainstream’ creators will start creator-owned works at Image as a result. By this time next year, an entire wing of Image Comics will look like Marvel/DC 2010. Kirkman will grab at least three of those big names for Skybound.”

I haven’t heard much news on the exclusives front…at least, they don’t seem to be making as big a deal about them anymore. And there doesn’t seem to be a huge influx of Marvel/DC guys yet…at least, not enough to note it as a trend.

“I will write another 52 Pipeline columns.”

WRONG! You wrote 54! …Well, okay, technically, you did write 52…plus two extra. I guess I’ll let you have that one.

“The lack of diversity in superhero comics will continue to show itself, with no diabetic characters introduced in 2012.”

Not that we know of, at any rate. (Though I would bet money…well, someone else’s money…that it’s been done for some kind of educational comics, somewhere!)

“With the Avengers and Batman movies coming out this year, the Superman movie will be forgotten until it suddenly shows up one Friday night when nobody is looking. Only the nerds will skip ‘Brides Maids II’ or ‘Hangover III’ to see it.”

They wisely pushed it back a bit, so there’s a chance it won’t get lost in the hype for the other films. We can all enjoy shortsless Superman without being reminded we saw better movies just recently.

• • •

Adam Farrar reveals

“After Avengers vs. X-Men: Loeb will write a new on-going, probably Cable. The Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning cosmic stories (last seen as the two Annihilators mini-series which ended the last week of 2011) will not continue but be replaced with a new Nova series.”

There is a new Cable series, but not by Loeb. And there certainly is a new Nova ongoing, which I never would have predicted. That’s by Loeb.

“Some softball pitches to coordinate with the Avengers movie: Hawkeye will get an on-going title. Loki will get a mini-series that has nothing to do with the Journey to Mystery title.”

Well done on Hawkeye, no new Loki mini yet but it’s only a matter of time.

“DC will do an Amethyst title that will hopefully be all-ages and self-contained.”

Well…you were half-right.

“The relaunch of the Extreme titles will mean Alan Moore’s ‘Supreme: Story of the Year’ will finally be back in print.”

Would love to have Moore’s Supreme back in print. Sadly, it didn’t happen.

“The new Watchmen comics will be a huge financial success.”

More a so-so success, probably not worth the grief DC got over it.

“DC’s recruitment of Marvel’s creators from the 1990s will continue with new work from Danny Fingeroth, Terry Kavanagh”

Sadly, no…Danny’s doing his own thing, teaching comics writing and such, and Terry is apparently one of the folks behind this online game site.

• • •

Pal Andres sez, he sez

“DC’s $2.99 line will crack no later than mid-year.”

A couple of titles went from $2.99 to $3.99, and a few new titles started at the $3.99 price point, so the slow creep continues! …Andres also made a whole bunch of Doctor Who predictions that I’m pretty sure all came true.

• • •

Richard J. Marcej unveils

“DC will continue producing 52 separate monthly titles, canceling titles but quickly replacing them with new books that keep the total at 52.”

This is indeed what’s happening.

“In December DC will announce that starting in 2014 they’ll no longer be printing monthly comics but will instead produce 52 separate 80 page books (done in the same format as ‘Love & Rockets’) retailing each at $14.99. So the 52 different monthly titles will now be 52 weekly (one book a week) 80 page TPB.”

Not announced, but I can see this as a direction the publishers can go to get around the rising costs of monthly books. Assuming, of course, they don’t abandon print entirely and go straight to digital.

• • •

Señor Editor (AKA Professor Booty) edited

“Ghost Rider will be relaunched, with Johnny Blaze as the book’s protagonist.”

I’m very surprised we’ve gone this long without a Ghost Rider book. Give it more time.

“A new, rebooted and more realistic Wolverine movie will be in the works. Hugh Jackman won’t be starring as Wolverine this time, though.”

We’re still getting a Wolverine flick at some point, but Jackman remains the star. Good, I like him as Wolverine. It might be a bit weird if he’s still doing it when he’s, like, eighty.

“Much like in that one Brad Pitt movie, Mike Sterling will continue looking younger and younger and nobody will find it odd at all.”

Absolutely true.

“The Avengers books without Bendis won’t sell nearly as well.”

All the Avengers titles pretty much tanked in the final lead-up to the ends of the series in the face of Marvel Now, so it wouldn’t take much for them to sell better. And, by and large, they’re selling okay for now.

• • •

Rob S. had this to say:

“DC will announce the expansion of the Earth 2 books in the new 52 (currently Earth 2 and World’s Finest) to include a separate book set in the past, with superheroes fighting Nazis. It might or might not be called “All-Star Squadron.'”

I’d read that. Didn’t happen, but I’d read it.

“DC will slowly add more back-ups to its books (and raising the price to $3.99), including Green Lantern, Flash, and Justice League International.”

Like I said above, we’re getting the slow creep (Batman got the $3.99 w/backup treatment). Justice League International, alas, never had a chance to do so.

“More Milestone and Wildstorm properties are given a shot at a title. We’ll see Icon, Shadow Cabinet, and Zealot.”

…I’d love to see a new Icon series. But we did get Team 7, and Ravagers includes a Wildstorm character or two.

“Steph Brown and Cass Cain fans will continue to be disappointed and vocal. Heckler fans will continue to be disappointed and quiet.”

Fans are always disappointed. Except Heckler fans, who are just crazy.

“We’ll see a Wally West, Kyle Rayner, Connor Hawke team-up. Alternate Earth or DC Comics Presents reprint?”

Neither, I’m afraid!

• • •

Boosterific boosts

“Bah, I’m already over 2012! I’m skipping ahead to 2013: Progressive Ruin will run a fortnight’s worth of blog posts recapping the reviews for 2012 in a disorganized, rambling manner that will be equal parts un-illuminating and hilarious.”

Well, slightly less than a fortnight, anyway. And I’d like to think I’m a little illuminating, even if I’m not very bright.

• • •

Valdemiro gives us

“In 2012 Brian Michael Bendis finally collaborates with Kevin Maguire on the Avengers. They then create a headshot panel so beautiful it makes mere mortals weep.”

I’d like to see a Kevin Maguire Avengers series. Unfortunately, they’d just start yet another brand new Avengers series rather than put him on an already-going Avengers title.

• • •

Glitchy glitches

“DC will suddenly discover the pre-teen girl ‘princess’ market (possibly thanks to the Super Best Friends and Amethyst shorts). Because of this, editorial mandate revamps Starfire back to something closer to her animated Teen Titans persona.”

Hasn’t happened yet, but it really, really should.

“This also leads to a My Little Pony/DC cross over that just defied all forms of logic, but was very pastel.”

C’mon: “Comet the Superhorse meets My Little Pony!” It’s a natural!

• • •

Kid Kyoto isn’t kidding with

“DC will try a black and white manga-style phone book anthology with several 100 pages each month. The best series from that will then be colored and reprinted in TPBs.”

Another viable option for when the monthly 32-pagers go south. Hasn’t happened…yet.

“Real publishers like Scholastic Books will continue to make OGNs that outsell anything by DC or Marvel, mainstream comic fans will continue to ignore them.”

Yeah, probably.

“The EXTREME! Studios relaunch (Youngblood etc) will barely put out 3 issues before sinking quietly into the darkness.”

They’re all still hanging around, but just barely (despite critical acclaim for Prophet).

“The Superman film will bomb.”

Maybe next year.

“Superman will be back in his traditional suit about 15 minutes after the film closes.”

I expect that, too.

“New rumors of a Wonder Woman film which go no where.”

We can probably run with this prediction every year.

“The Avengers film will actually be quite good.”

I thought it was a lot of fun! I think a few others thought so as well.

• • •

Ben unleashes

“DC will announce that Grant Morrison’s run on Action Comics will end in early 2013, the same month as Batman Incorporated v2 #12 ships. Morrison will simultaneously announce his retirement from writing comic books.”

We’re still a few months away from Batman Inc. #12, but Morrison is ending his runs on both titles this year (with Action imminent). I think he’s sticking around in comics, though…just not necessarily the superhero books.

“The Avengers movie will be mildly entertaining but strangely empty of any engaging emotional content, just like all of Marvel’s movies since Iron Man. The announcement of their post-Avengers movie slate is met by bewilderment (by comic fans) and blank stares (by the general public) as ‘big guns’ like Ant Man and Guardians of the Galaxy are rolled out.”

That certainly is a consistent criticism of the Marvel films…like I said, I did enjoy the Avengers film, but it’s definitely about as deep as a sidewalk puddle after a spring shower. And I think folks are probably okay with the new slate of Marvel films, though they really haven’t been trying to sell them to the public just yet. We’ll see when the films get a little closer to release.

“The Dark Knight Returns animated movie(s) will, like almost all of DC’s DVD movie fare, be entirely unsuitable for kids to watch. But…”

Yeah, that’s probably best with teens and older. But kids will love it just fine, I think!

“…DC will unexpectedly find a long-dormant property that hits big time with the (actual) kids, probably via the DC Nation slot on Cartoon Network. What the hell, lets just say Amethyst. My daughter would *love* that show.”

I think DC Nation has generally been well received, but I don’t know that anything’s really taken off as a “hit.” But that there’s even such a thing as an Amethyst animated short is a victory of some kind.

“China Mieville’s Dial H for Hero revival will be excellent and universally liked by the comics blogosphere, but commercially it will fail dismally and be canceled by issue 8.”

It’s not selling great, but it’s holding on, and people do seem to like it quite a bit.

“Dan Slott will replace Brian Michael Bendis on the Avengers books, as Bendis takes over Amazing Spider-Man. Marvel will continue to pimp the hell out of Matt Fraction despite the fact that (Casanova aside, though that doesn’t even really count) he has never written a good comic book for them.”

OUCH. I think Fraction’s been doing good work over there, at least on the titles of his I read (Fantastic Four, FF, and the very well-received Hawkeye). And there has been plenty of swapping around of writers on the Marvel books, but Slott is still riding that Spider-Man train…um, there’s probably a better way I could have put that.

“The Ultimate Comics ‘free download’ thing is a dismal failure (though we never hear about it) and the whole line is shuttered either in late 2012 or announced to in early 2013.”

I’m not even sure I know about the free download thing. But the Ultimate line is still around, somehow.

“Vertigo will announce that Hellblazer will end with #300 and the death of John Constantine.”

Yes, indeed. I don’t know if it’ll be Constantine’s death, but I think it’s likely…a kind of a final “screw you” to the character’s transfer to the DCU.

“And finally, Sony will release a ‘skin’ for DC Online that make it both bearable to look at and as though it was all drawn by Carmine Infantino. More a wish than a prediction really…”

Man, an Infantino-styled video game. That would be both awesome and strangely terrifying.

• • •

Neil brought forth

“Tony Daniel will be taken off Detective Comics, as they will have found someone even worse.”

DOUBLE-OUCH. He was off Detective with the #0/#12 issues, but I’ll have to let you decide if the new guy is worse. Daniel will be back as the new artist on Action after Morrison leaves.

• • •

random surfer goofyfooted

“Late Dec/early Jan: Mike Sterling will ask people for preditions for 2013. He will comment on the predictions made for 2012. He will say this one is stupid and/or pointless.”

Nope, I’d say you’re 100% on target.

• • •

OH THANK GOD I’m done, which I’m sure you’re all thinking, too. Tune in next year when I do it again, reacting to these 2013 predictions, because I’m stupid.

Thanks for contributing, everyone, and, especially, thanks for putting up with these endless posts. I appreciate the readership.

7 Responses to “Okay, let’s wrap this sucker up: PART FOUR.”

  • IT says:

    “A lower-priced iPad will be seen as a great boon to digital comics and sales will rise, though not exponentially. We’ll never know, though, since the publishers don’t divulge that information.”

    Maybe not iPads, but there are quite a few lower-priced tablets competing with them…perhaps they are driving more comic sales, but like you say, who knows?

    I don’t know if it affected the comic book industry at all, but Apple *did* release a cheaper iPad at the end of 2012, called the iPad Mini. It’s about the size of a novel, and I have one. I love it, and I do in fact blame Dan Abnett, as Amazon taking forever to ship a novel he wrote to me made me break down and buy my first ebook in a decade, and then I promptly started buying all the things, which led quickly to my iPad Mini purchase.

    I’m curious, what does Dan Abnett write in the way of comics? I’m only familiar with his work for Games Workshop.

  • Adam Farrar says:

    I’m actually happy that I was wrong about the scale of Before Watchmen’s financial success.

    And IT, Dan Abnett has written lots of comics. Mostly cosmic ones: http://comicbookdb.com/creator.php?ID=2091

  • Arynne says:

    They actually did a Wally/Kyle/Connor team-up story once. “Three of a Kind.” It was…okay.

  • IT says:


    I thought it was the wrong Abnett until I got to the 40K comics. Dear god, does the man ever *sleep*?

    I wonder if there are digital editions for the 40K ones…

  • Eric Henry says:

    Dynamite’s ‘Prophecy’ was a massive crossover that had the prediction of the end of the world in December 2012 as premise so at least part of DavidG’s prediction was true.

  • Snark Shark says:

    “Why the last election wasn’t Obama and Romney in heated battle with Tina Turner presiding, I have no idea. ”

    She wasn’t available!


    Hanes AND Fruit of the Loom crossover!

    ” and as though it was all drawn by Carmine Infantino”


  • John F says:

    I’m so tired of people using revisionist history on Matt Fraction, as if he’s never written ANYTHING good. Sure, he’s had his share of misses, but he also gave us “The Order” and “Immortal Iron Fist.” Those were terrific books.
    If you’re the kind of person who can’t appreciate Fat Cobra, I don’t want to know you.