Yes, I said “link-a-doodles.”

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Sorry, gang…been a bit ill, so I’m totally in Low Content Mode right now. But here, have some link-a-doodles:

  • The second issue of Olive Hopkins and the Ninth Kingom, by Kevin Church, Grace Allison and Josh Krach, is now available for purchase. Only $1.99…why, it’s so good, I’d even have bought it if it were a whole $2!
  • Pal Ian, one of the founding members of the Associated Comics and Pop Culture Webloggers of Ventura County, CA and Outlying Enrions (which is, as always, ACAPCWOVCCAOE for short) has written a new funnybook for Boom! Studios: Freelancers #1 is now available for only a buck at your finer four color emporiums or even digitally, if you gotta be like that.
  • So pals Chris Sims and Matt Wilson opened the latest episode of War Rocket Ajax speaking briefly about my completely ridiculous and misguided side project POGressive Ruin, thanks to some milkcaps I sent to Mr. Sims. I KNEW THE BRIBE WOULD WORK.

2 Responses to “Yes, I said “link-a-doodles.””

  • Chad says:

    Is it the cancellation of Hellblazer that’s laid you low? Don’t worry, Mike, we’ll always have Newcastle.

  • Andrew Leal says:

    Feel better, Master Mike! Would it help to be apprised of the fact that a Superman radio episode, in the half hour format where “crime reporter Clark Kent” did most of the work and Superman’s deeds were frequently off-mic (entirely in this episode, just in time to save a defenestration victim), he proves that the murder of a noted scientist was in fact accidental, caused by a rhesus monkey injecting arsenic into a piece of fruit? Back when all fruit vendors still had Italian accents, when the deliberate poisoning of rodents was all in a day’s work for science, and Inspector Henderson could tell Clark to “Sit on his typewriter” but it was a sign of blustery confusion rather than an intentional insult.

    It might help more to discover that Rowlf the Dog ran for President in the early 60s, and looked adorable while doing it.