His is a hairy and wild-eyed people.

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So we were a bit shorthanded at the shop on Tuesday, and thus were forced to call in a member of the Legion of Former Employees…the dreaded Aaron of the Forest Tribe:

…pictured here wielding his clan’s traditional weapon of Spawn posters.

Anyway, I probably want to talk more about Swamp Thing — yes, I know, shocking — and some of your comments regarding Monday’s post, but that’ll wait ’til later in the week when I’m not dog-tired. But at the very least, reader Adam was good enough to post a link to Swampy’s cameo in the recent Robot Chicken special. Very short, involves what could only technically be called “a joke,” but has some nice stop-motion animation using that recent Mattel Swamp Thing figure and a Barbie doll or something similar made up to look like Abby. WARNING: May have to watch a 30 second commercial before watching the 4 second clip.

5 Responses to “His is a hairy and wild-eyed people.”

  • Suckmaster Burstingfoam says:

    You forgot to mention Arcane is in Animal Man #0.

  • caleb says:

    I remember thinking the first few episodes of Robot Chicken were not very funny, but I don’t remember them being as not very funny as the two jokes I just saw at that link were. Has the show become more not very funny over the years, or did I simply forget just how not very funny it actually was…?

  • Dorian says:

    Caleb-I’m going to editorialize in Mike’s comments section briefly in an attempt to answer your question. The short answer is: you forgot. The long answer is: the “humor” of Robot Chicken operates under the same principles as Family Guy, Big Bang Theory and the t-shirts that Antarctic Press sells. They’re not actually jokes, they’re just references to things that exist. For some particular reason, amongst fans of these things, being reminded of a toy or tv show or movie’s existence is somehow funny.

  • I read the interview with Land of the Lost‘s Spencer Milligan. While it was enjoyable, I’m somewhat flabbergasted that his role in Woody Allen’s Sleeper was never mentioned (yes, he’s in it, and in tribute to Pauline Kael, I’m not gonna tell you who he plays…you’ll just have to see it).

  • Rich Handley says:

    Mike, you forgot to mention that Aaron of the Forest Tribe is in Animal Man #0.