And yes, I titled that post that way on purpose.

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So Bob asked a few guest-bloggers to pop in and talk up stuff that they might like that other folks don’t care for, and I submitted this bit of hoohar just to be a problem. Find out why people are already heaping such ebullient praise upon this post as “what gives?” and “clinically insane!

Anyway, don’t came back here to tell me I’m wrong. I’ll just assume you already think that.

6 Responses to “And yes, I titled that post that way on purpose.”

  • All-Star Batman and Robin would fall under the umbrella of that article I will never get around to writing about how Frank Miller ruined Batman.

    As to Miller’s The Spirit, I’ll pass.

  • IT says:

    Have you seen this:


    Thanks for telling me, but just so you know, I block links to that particular site from mine. Nothing personal to you, I just don’t want to send hits to that webpage. –M.

  • IT says:

    Oh, sorry, I should have described it rather than sending just a URL.

    I think he dissed Swamp Thing. How could he?!

  • Harvey Jerkwater says:

    I invoked my one and only use of Nerd Privilege to freak out about Miller’s “Spirit” movie. Just that one time, I allowed myself to yell at TV ads “NO NO NO YOU STUPID BASTARD WHY MUST YOU DROP YOUR PANTALOONS AND DROP YOUR BODILY WASTES UPON THE TREASURE THAT IS EISNER’S WORK?”

    I figure every nerd is allowed one of those. Just one.

  • Jeanette_H says:

    “Clinically insane”? Just telling it like I saw it…

  • Joe S. Walker says:

    Whoops! That’s me above.