Joe Kubert (1926 – 2012).

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Another comics legend passes: Joe Kubert died Sunday morning at the age of 85.

We recently acquired at the shop a good handful of classic Our Army at War comics, all featuring Kubert’s wonderful cover work. I think this was my favorite of the bunch, with such a great collection of character portraits on a single cover:

Mr. Kubert was a huge talent and a definite inspiration to many folks in the field. He was a teacher for my pal Tom Foxmarnick and for many other of my favorite artists, including Steve Bissette, who has his own memorial here.

A year or so ago, I wrote up a little thing about Kubert’s never-released Redeemer series, though it appears we may see a bit of it in the (hopefully still) forthcoming Joe Kubert Presents anthology, which will now be bit of a bittersweet memorial to one of the industry’s finest.

So long, Joe…you were one of the great ones, still doing significant and impressive work right up ’til today. You’ll definitely be missed.

2 Responses to “Joe Kubert (1926 – 2012).”

  • Snark Shark says:

    his war covers were always great, and the cover for the first silver age hawkman was a CLASSIC.

  • Robert in New Orleans says:

    His art is one of the primal memories of my childhood even though I didn’t really keep track of who drew what. Now, I realize it was him drawing those Hawkman, Sgt Rock, and Tarzan comics that were so awesome. Sad to see you go, Joe.