Just a couple of links to other sites…

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…since I was busy last night prepping tomorrow’s End of Civilization post:

First, a reminder for all you Curt Swan fans out there that you should be visiting Swanderful, discussing various pieces of the artist’s work. This is from a while back, but these posts, comparing the original art to the final printed product, are nicely done.

Second, Jason Sandberg, creator of the late and very lamented comic Jupiter, sent along some print copies of a children’s book proposal he worked up, and it’s a hoot. The book is called S Is for Someday – A Science Fiction Alphabet Book, and you can read the whole darn thing right here. Some great Kirby-inspired illustrations can be found therein, along with some quirky humor and the odd moment of poignancy. Jason also has other children’s book proposals you can enjoy for free…as a former children’s librarian, I can assure you kids would eat this stuff up.

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