Satan Saturday #3.

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from Adam-12 #5 (November 1974)

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  • Tom Cherry says:

    Nothing new here. All dogs think the dog catcher is Satan!

  • ExistentialMan says:

    1-Adam-12 we have a 415 in progress. Suspect is considered armed and dangerous. Father Merrin will meet you at the scene.

  • Dave-El says:

    The detectives of Dragnet–Joe Friday and Bill Gannon–are also investigating their own devil of a case.

    Friday: “Ma’am,could you describe the suspect?”
    Witness: “He was tall.”
    Friday: “Tall?”
    Witness: “Yes, tall.”
    Friday: “How tall?”
    Witness: “Very tall.”
    Gannon: “Could you be a little more precise, ma’am?”
    Witness: “Oh, I’d say 7 feet.”
    Friday: “Seven feet?”
    Witness: “Yes, that sounds about right.”
    Gannon: “Seven feet tall?”
    Witness: “Well, he may be shorter without the horns.”
    Friday: “Horns?”
    Witness: “Yes, horns. On his head.”
    Gannon: “On his head, Joe.”
    Friday: “I heard that, Bill. Ma’am?”
    Witness: “Yes?”
    Friday: “Anything else you can tell us about the suspect?”
    Witness: “Other than the horns?”
    Friday: “Other than the norns.”
    Witness: “Well, not really.”
    Gannon: “Uh huh.”
    Witness: “well, he had the red skin.”
    Friday: “Red skin.”
    Witness: “Hooved feet.”
    Friday: “Hooved feet.”
    Witness: “A forked tail.”
    Friday: “A tail.”
    Gannon: “A forked tail, Joe.”
    Friday: “Got that, Bill.”
    Witness: “And glowing eyes.”
    Friday: “Uh huh.”
    Witness: “And he smelled funny, too.”
    Gannon: “How did he smell?”
    Witness: “Like sulfur? Yes, brimstone.”
    Gannon: “Brimstone.”
    Witness: “Yes, brimstone.”
    Friday: “Ma’am?”
    Witness: “Yes?”
    Friday: “You just decribed Satan.”
    Witness: “Satan?”
    Friday: “Yes, ma’am.”
    Witness: “Why, I suppose so. Never though about until now.”
    Gannon: “Joe?”
    Friday: “Yeah, Bill?”
    Gannon: “Think we should let the uniforms handle this?”
    Friday: “1-Adam-12 patrols this neighborhood.”
    Gannon: “Thank you, ma’am.”
    Witness: “Anything I can do to help.”
    Friday: “Yes, ma’am.”
    Witness: “I do hope you catch him. And soon.”
    Gannon: “Because he’s Satan?”
    Witness: “Well, yes, and one other thing.”
    Friday: “One other thing?”
    Witness: “Yes, he wasn’t wearing any pants.”

  • Jaq says:


    I must know the context here. Because I’m trying to imagine this story WITHOUT the supernatural and it’s not making much sense in my head.

  • IvoryTower says:

    Dispater: All is going according to plan… *finger drum*

  • Casey says:

    Mike, if you don’t explain this with your next post, I think I’ll spend the rest of my life confused and sad.

    I hope Dave-El’s version is close.

  • Casey says:

    I just looked it up, something about a satanic cult, but “helping catch that dog” is what really puzzles me, likewise Malloy referring to “Satan” without scare quotes.

  • Mikester says:

    Jaq/Casey – I’ll explain it in a day or two.