Frankly, I could use a bit of “The Wonder Touch.”

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I can only assume the “magne power ring” has the ability to summon founding A-Ha member Magne “Mags” Furuholmen. Or else it’s a typo and it cause mange, which would be terrible. Or perhaps it’s a manga power ring with the ability to make teenagers park ‘n’ read in bookstore aisles.

“Sense extension” is also intriguing, like, I don’t know, being able to smell around distant corners, or hear things like aphids screaming. Common sense extension would be practical, because who couldn’t think of a few people who could use a little of that.

Also, “Natural super powers” seems a bit self-contradictory.


This interview with Lord of the Rings fight stylist Tony Wolf mentions the above ad (or at least, a similar one), and what Mr. Wolf received when he sent away for it.


advertisement from Justice League of America #160 (November 1978)

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