Keeping it short today.

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1. So it would appear to be that the mystery caricature on the cover of Spoof #3 is apparently Tom Jones, based on some of the images I’ve been sent, and the fact that the editor of the book, Roy Thomas, seems to think it’s him, too. Close enough for horseshoes, my friends.

And anyway, we ended up selling that copy of Spoof on Saturday. The mystery was exchanged for about seven bucks.

2. Lost a couple of big names from the comics/sci-fi world just recently: Golden Age great Sheldon Moldoff, and the man who gave Star Wars its look, artist Ralph McQuarrie. My condolences to their families and friends.

3. Pal Dave gives you the latest installment of This Used to Be The Future…funnybook sci-fi, 1960s-style!

4. Pals Dorian and Ken unleash another installment of In A World, their monthly review of the newest movie trailers. This is one of my favorite things. Also [SPOILER] The Lorax appears to be an unholy abomination.

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  • caleb says:

    I’m just glad that somewhere between “The Cat and the Hat” and “Horton Hears a Who” they decided to quit putting comedians in make-up and fur to play Seuss characters and started animating them.

    I still shiver when I think of Mike Meyers as the cat, and the thought of Danny DeVito made-up to look like The Lorax instead of just voicing him…? >SHIVER!<