I will probably never look at Charlie Brown the same way again.

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  • Rich Handley says:

    I interviewed at Cracked years ago, as a staff writer. Sadly, the magazine folded shortly thereafter. Er… I make no connection whatsoever between those two statements.

  • One thing I remember about Cracked from when I was a kid (mid-70s) is that they were shameless about mash-ups: Star Wars is popular, Dukes of Hazzard is popular, ergo “Star Wars Meets Dukes of Hazzard”!!!

    I’m wondering if they did a Star Wars/Star Trek crossover that you were speculating we’d see. Why wouldn’t they?

  • Mikester says:

    Capt. Spaulding – Actually, they did! It was their “Star Wars 2” parody (long before EMPIRE STRIKES BACK) that ended with Kirk and Spock showing up in the last panel, if I recall correctly. Also by Severin, again, if I recall correctly!

  • I meant explicitly billed as “Star Wars Meets Star Trek” like the other shameless mash-ups where the Fonz would fight King Kong or whoever.

    I remember a Close Encounters Meets Star Wars (also, probably, by Severin) where two minutes after the end of CE, Dreyfuss learns that the ship is piloted by the gang from Star Wars who need his help. The only thing I remember is that they sneak onto Vader’s ship Trojan-horse-style dressed as giant chocolates.

    Any merit Cracked had was almost entirely Severin (and Bill Ward Nanny Dickering).

  • I also remember one of my first exposures to nerd rage was a letter to Cracked complaining that they were cheapening Star Wars by constantly doing parodies of it.