The Return of Swamp Thing is okay, however.

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Purchased for me at a nearby video store that’s going out of business:

…a promo card display thingie for that cinematic classic Swamp Thing. Dig the soft focus, the romantic lighting, the soulful look in Mr. Thing’s eyes. Makes it almost look like Ghost, only with a swamp creature instead of, you know, a ghost.

Related: about a year or so ago, I purchased one of those newfangled high-def 47-inch flatscreen TVs to replace my 1980s-vintage 27-inch TV, which was beginning to have some problems and was probably time for it to go. What I have been discovering since the replacement is that some of my DVDs are not anamorphic; i.e. they don’t automatically fill the whole widescreen area on my new television. Sure, on some TVs you can fiddle with the image ratio and force it to fill the screen, but it never looks as good as having an actual anamorphic image.

Anyway, the reason I introduced this whole thing with the word “RELATED” is…I found out that my original DVD release of the Swamp Thing film, the one with the, ahem, extra footage that caused it to be recalled…is not anamorphic.


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