The nose grew progressively less pointy as the years wore on.

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Yeah, what about Classic Cliff Carmichael, personal nemesis to Ronnie (Firestorm) Raymond, and reboot-victim of DC Comics’ post-Flashpoint universe? Oh, sure, there’s still a Cliff Carmichael in the new Fury of Firestorm comic, but whither the attitude? Whither the pointy nose? Whither the amazing near-Asimovian sideburns? Nowhere, sez I. Well, maybe a little of the attitude, but still, without those sideburns…just not the same.

Speaking of the post-Flashpoint DCU, I still want to hear what you think about the New 52 so far, and if your opinions have changed on any of the titles in the three or so months we’ve been reading. Again, not sure if I’m going to have any kind of significant follow-up to all this feedback, but you’ve had some interesting things to say, and besides…doesn’t it feel good to get these feelings out? Sure it does.

image from Justice League of America #179 (June 1980) by Gerry Conway, Dick Dillin and Frank McLaughlin

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