Yes, it’s another links post…sorry, been busy.

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  • JRC says:

    That Shadow series, as I recall (as I obsess over), was supposed to be wrapped up in the following series summer annual. That is, included as a backup in the retro Shadow series that launched in place of my loved (but much hated) contemporary run. Man I loved that book.

  • swamp mark says:

    I don’t understand why you apologize for your link posts.They often lead to some interesting places. Considering that you post daily,I hope I speak for everyone here when I say I’ll take whatever you have time for.
    When the time comes for a purge of my collection,I’ll go back and reread old series and if my memories are better than the writing itself,I pass it on to the kids in the family.That Shadow series survives every purge because I chuckle all the way through it.
    Man,would I love to see where they were going with it!

  • Mike, do you identify with Swamp Thing to any extent when you read the comics (or, uh… watch the movies)? Would you say he’s a character that readers can relate to? If you had to choose, which 2 comicbook characters do you identify the most with?

  • Mikester says:

    JRC – I actually wrote up quite a bit about that much-missed Shadow series a few years ago.

    Swamp Mark – Thanks!

    Senor Editor – I don’t know if it’s a matter of “relating” to Swamp Thing, aside from maybe the whole “alienated from the world” business that I probably would have related to as a teen, but not so much as a ten-year-old kid reading ST comics, I think. I’ve always enjoyed horror-type stuff, and I liked comics, so Swamp Thing was an appealing mix of the two.

    If I had to identify with two comic book characters…maybe Donald Duck (I get frustrated with things awfully quick, like ol’ Don) and…I don’t know, Sluggo, maybe? At least, I want to be as cool as him.

  • MRPRSN says:

    Thanks for the link to the Power Comics tumblr. Gems of enthusiasm.