Or the cover could be a representation of the swordfight scene.

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  • Hey, got a buck? Sure you do, and you should spend it on the first digital-downloadable issue of Dracula the Unconquered, from Chris Sims, Steve Downer, and Josh Krach. A free six page preview is available at the site, but I’ve read the whole thing, and I assure you…it’s vampiric action as you like it!
  • As I write this, the final installment of The Loneliest Astronauts isn’t up yet, but should be up sometime on Tuesday, and I’d like to congratulate Kevin Church and Ming Doyle on the completion of this entertaining project. …And if you folks out there haven’t read any of The Loneliest Astronautsstart right here!
  • Speaking of that Kevin Church cat…perhaps you’ve heard of Fake Criterions, where folks design their own artsy-type covers for films that likely would never make it into the Criterion Collection, but if they did, maybe they’d look a little something…like this. But anyway, Kevin whipped up a theoretical cover for a classic film that the Criterion folks have, thus far, overlooked. And here’s a second cover for the same film, because, you know, if any film deserves two Criterion editions….

    It’s a good thing I didn’t contribute my own Criterion-style cover, because it probably would have been inspired by the movie still I put up in this post.

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