NOTICE: the Joker is a pretty blossom.

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…That is all.

from World’s Finest #129 (November 1962) by Dave Wood, Jim Mooney & Sheldon Moldoff
– reprinted in DC Special #8 (July-September 1970)

4 Responses to “NOTICE: the Joker is a pretty blossom.”

  • philfromgermany says:

    Cool pic(k) for the post of the day!
    Just look at thim. He looks totally evil and bat-shit insane. No wonder he is comicdoms best villain.
    I totally wanna read that story now.

  • Scipio says:

    Wow. Even I think that’s really gay.

  • philip says:

    Nice rap, however.

  • Bear says:

    Imagine seeing that.

    Imagine being at a flower show, minding you own business, admiring a giant-ass flower and then the Joker pops out, saying that line.

    You. Would. Lose. Your. Shizzle.