The mystery word balloon.

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So a gentleman dropped by the store with a few pages of original comic art for sale…we don’t really deal in original art, but we brokered a deal between that person and one of our regular customers. He ended up buying a Kirby Hulk page from the fellow, and passed on the other pages — a couple of Carmine Infantino pages from a 1980s Green Lantern back-up story, and a Gil Kane page I only got a brief look at and didn’t identify.

I wish I did identify the Kane page, because the next day I happened to spot this underneath one of the store’s glass counters:

It’s a word balloon that had apparently been pasted onto a page, though clearly the glue had become old and the balloon popped right off. It’s not from the Green Lantern back-ups, so it must be from the Gil Kane page. The dialogue suggests it’s from Wonder Woman, though the page didn’t seem to be a Wonder Woman page just from my brief glance at it. Could be wrong, though.

Anyway, I’m hoping this customer of ours has the contact info for the gentleman he bought the art from so I can return this loose balloon to its proper place. Also, slightly curious to see what the original balloon said that this new one was covering. Oh, and what comic this is actually from, too, I suppose.

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