I sometimes get emails just like this.

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From the letter column for Star Spangled War Stories #126 (April-May 1966):

“RK” being “Robert Kanigher,” natch. (Fake letter run to help dissuade similar letters from pouring in, or real reader comment pulled out and used as a lesson in what editors don’t want to see? No idea.)

From the same issue, an in-house ad that, I can only assume, resulted in the highest sales ever for any issue of Metal Men:

I vote “hotcha.” I mean, who doesn’t like hotcha?

9 Responses to “I sometimes get emails just like this.”

  • Tom Cherry says:

    Hotcha as in “hotcha-cha-cha”?

  • George S. says:

    That letter sounds a lot like some people I know it’s scary.

  • Runmentionable says:

    Mid-sixties DC in excelsis. Escalating war in Vietnam, the psychedelic era a-borning and near-revolution in Paris just around the corner, and DC editorial think “hotcha”, a term that would have been mocked as outmoded in an Andy Hardy movie, is the word on the street.

  • Roger Green says:

    Yeah, I wrote that letter when I was in London. REALLY needed to know about tonnage.

  • Jaq says:

    I googled “hotcha” just to see if it was really being used, you know, correctly, and this was the first result:


    I dunno-it’s kinda funnier thinking the centaur likes a Chinese pop group, actually.

  • davidb says:

    I really need to start buying whats been collected of Metal Men, damn my poverty!

  • Brad says:

    Misleading cover! The centaur wasn’t really a robot. (Although he was giant.)


    At the end of the story Doc Magnus builds the centaur a robot girlfriend.

    That’s right — Doc builds sex toys.

  • Harvey Jerkwater says:

    This takes me back to my days as a he-pimp and my stable of rentboys. Hard but rewarding work. Why, there was this time in Norfolk, Virginia, when–

    Oh, wait. Man-HORSE?

    Never mind.

  • Donald G says:

    Imaginary conversation brought to mind by Harvey’s comment:

    “You were where?…In jail?… What happened?… You were with an ensign in Ocean View and… I don’t wanna hear any more!”