I don’t get to use the word “sass” nearly often enough.

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  • A DOUBLE ANDREW-WHAMMY: Have I mentioned that Andrew has been poking through his old Wizard magazines and posting things of interest from them? Well, if I did before, I did it again just now. Also, steel yourself for his latest Nobody’s Favorites entry.
  • Dr. Polite Scott reviews the new Hawk & Dove. Willingly. …Okay, okay, it’s easy to dismiss it via a generous dollop of sass, but Dr. Polite Scott gives it a fair and considered review, as well as examining its context within the larger DC continuity.
  • Oh, nothing, just an awesome Ultra-Humanite one-pager by Kevin Church, Eric Canete and Jordie Bellaire.
  • Are you reading Atlas/Seaboard Week, as presented by Bully, America’s #1 Little Stuffed Bull? Because you really should be. I love the ’70s Atlas Comics, and I don’t write about them enough…though after Bully’s through puttin’ the horns to ’em, I may no longer have to write about them!
  • Some dick stole a bunch of Superman comics from a mentally-disabled comics fan. If you want to help that fan out, you can find the contact address and some info here.

I don’t use “dollop” often enough either.

2 Responses to “I don’t get to use the word “sass” nearly often enough.”

  • CW says:

    I love that Ultra-Humanite strip. Funny stuff.

  • Casie says:

    Nobody steals comics from cool kids named Mike, nobody! Thanks for the contact info. I’m going to draw Mike the best Superman ever! (well, the best I can do at least)