It’s official as far as I’M concerned, at any rate.

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OFFICIAL: I am Swamp Thing’s best friend. Hear Swamp Thing writer Scott Snyder himself declare it right here on the latest War Rocket Ajax podcast, starting at about 1:20:48.

A big thanks to Steve for asking the question that elicited that response from an almost certainly puzzled Mr. Snyder.

…Yeah, I know. Short entry. Hey, I had a long day at the shop, plus I was getting a head start on tomorrow’s “End of Civilization” post.

Oh, one more thing. Swamp Thing completists should note that this week’s Flashpoint #5 has a couple of brief shots of our favorite muck-encrusted mockery of a man. This will be the first issue of this mini that I plan on picking up…if I have to get one of these, at least there’s a Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez variant cover I can take.

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  • Steven E. McDonald says:

    I’d be interested in hearing your overall opinion of Flashpoint if you ever get around the reading the mini (not much to worry about with the tie-in minis, as most of them don’t really matter, and will likely cause some teeth-grinding as I think Lois gets killed three different ways in three books.)

    My opinion? Dear god, what a waste of trees. Never mind the wholesale ejection of the time travel and causality rules that Johns himself established back around the time of 52 and hammered on right from the start in Booster Gold.

    Also…could DC please quit yankin’ my crank…this isn’t a relaunch, this is a reboot. I’m going to be very interested in seeing your perspective on this as it continues, Mikester, because it could be a blessing, or it could be a calamity.